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About our Driving School


Our Driving School History

Henry & Joe’s Driving School was founded in 1944 by two former Pennsylvania State Policemen.  Joe Pauswinski, Sr. and Jim Henry had been partners on patrol.  After the war, they we retasked to driver testing.  They were appalled that so many applicants were unprepared.  Since they were leaving the force they decided to begin a driving school.  After 2 years, Mr. Henry moved to California but the school name survived.


In 1952, Pennsylvania began to license driving schools.  Henry & Joe’s was in the initial group.  Licenses were issued alphabetically; we received #20. This remained our license number until computerization in 1988 gave all schools new license numbers.  By that time, we had already been in business for 44 years.


Mr. Pauswinski, Sr. died in 1969.  His son, Joe Pauswinski, Jr. took over the running of the school.  He continues as the President today.  In 1983, the additional name “Delaware Valley Safety Center” was added for corporate and international business.


“Firsts” in Road Safety

Our reputation as a prestige innovator in traffic safety was gained by having been the first driving school and staff in Pennsylvania to do many things.  Here are a few:

  • First to offer driving simulators—1952
  • First to offer programs in Public Schools—1958
  • First to contract with Public Schools—1960
  • First to be elected president of state private driving schools—1962
  • First named to US federal program—1964
  • First to require college courses for all instructors—1966
  • First to offer complete approved program in public school—1970
  • First to be elected to National Safety Organization (DSAA)—1973
  • First to offer international programs—1980
  • First to be elected national president—1985
  • First to win national “outstanding school award” a second time—1993
  • First to be elected international vice-president—2000
  • First to be named to United Nations committee—2001
  • First to offer theory by classroom, internet, and correspondence—2007

  • First course approved for on-line testing—2007

Awards and Recognitions

  • North American Leadership Award—1983
  • North American “Outstanding School”—1985, 1993
  • Election as President of Driving School Association of the Americas
      • (representing  2500 North American Schools)—1985, 1986
  • Optimists “Man Of The Year”—1986
  • Election to “Institute of Master Tutors of Driving”—1987
      • Limited to 200 members worldwide
  • Election as Vice-President of “Internationale Verkehs Verdienstunge”
      • (representing 35,000 schools worldwide)—2000
  • Named as United Nations representative for Road Safety—2001

Seminars and Presentations Given


Sharing of professional ideals and education has always been a part of our way of doing business.  We have been honored to give presentations to the following groups and in the following places:

  • 36 states
  • 8 Canadian provinces
  • National Governments of
      • US
      • Canada
      • Mexico
      • United Kingdom
      • Ireland
      • European Union
      • Czech Republic (Prague)
      • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
      • France (Beaune)
      • Croatia (Zagreb, Rovinj


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