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PAUSDrive: Driving School PA - premier driving instruction
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Licensed and Approved by the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Transportation, we can meet every driving instruction need for adult or teen beginner drivers. 


Our proven system of driver education actually enables you to learn faster, with special emphasis on defensive driving and accident avoidance. We are frequently cited as one of the leading driving schools in Pennsylvania. Our parallel-parking method will amaze you from your very first attempt. 


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Beginner driver training has always been the base of what we do as a company. We are proud of the many awards we have won for driving lesson excellence.


Our greatest pride is in applying this knowledge and experience toward helping individuals and companies become safer drivers in Philadelphia.


Drive safely

teen driver instruction  

Adult & Teen Driver Training

All ages from permit to license Penalty point re-testing

State approved programs

New! Driver Education Online
NOW with on-line testing

corporate driver training  

Corporate Driver Training

Custom programs for training, evaluation, and accident reduction Also for vehicle change and time management.

international training  

International Driver Training

Individualized for changing requirements.

"Translating to the other side of the road” (e.g. UK to US).


Our driving school was established in 1944, we are recognized as leaders in road safety throughout the United States and the world. 


traffic lightsOver 60 years of experience will enable us to meet all your driver education needs in Philadelphia and beyond!  We have testified before governmental agencies in the US, Canada, UK, the European Union, and places such as Dubai and Croatia. 


In 2001, we were named Official Observer to the United Nations committee for training and evaluation.

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